Episode 91: AI could cure depression


AI could cure depression

AI-podden with Moha Bensofia, CEO of Mendi

In this episode, we are hosting Moha Bensofia, CEO of Mendi, a startup that provides cutting edge brain-health technology to help people measure, control, train, and improve their brain function.

Moha starts off by telling us why Mendi means so much to him, as he sees himself as a user that has benefited a lot from the product of Mendi, and that he would like to share this technology to help others.

Moha explains how the collection of data for brain activity could pave the way to cure serious mental illness like depression, but also potentially increase our understanding of how the brain works. Here, artificial intelligence (AI) is the great beneficiary of the data where he sees AI could help us discover patterns and relationships that could solve mental health related issues.

Moha and Ather also discuss deep philosophical questions related to human interaction, technology, and a social interaction.

AI-podden with Moha Bensofia, CEO of Mendi