Episode 92: Transforming Healthcare with AI


Transforming Healthcare with AI

AI-podden with Erik Brandt, Chief Data Scientist at Shaarpec

AI-Podden’s guest this week is Erik Brandt, Chief Data Scientist at Shaarpec. Erik shares their work in healthcare where they use AI for more efficient systems to better allocate resources and free up time for doctors to do less administration to help more patients.

Erik tells us how we can use AI to help doctors automatically summarize their notes and examinations in documents, instead of doing it themselves. This is valuable time they could use to help more patients. He also shares with us other work done in developing tools that can generate synthetic data.

This is an important problem to solve in healthcare as a lot of data is restricted for external use because of privacy regulations. Therefore, one bet to get around the restrictions is to use openly available data to train machine learning models to generate similar data, thereby synthetic. The synthetic data can in turn be used to generate machine learning models that for instance predict health issues before they happen, and so on and so forth.

Erik and Ather further discuss ChatGPT, whether it’s intelligent or not, what it can and can’t do, and it’s effect on our education.

AI-podden with Erik Brandt, Chief Data Scientist at Shaarpec